Our History

We are a family run business that started in 2004 when our Director and her mother were discussing their experiences of working in residential and day care for people with a learning disability. Sometimes these memories were of very happy times, great clients and dedicated staff and some where they felt that people were not able to enjoy the life their non-disabled peers had.

They decided to plan for and open a home that would be exactly that, a home from home. Somewhere where people would be respected and valued, be safe and would be at the centre of everything around them.

It would be a place where they could learn new skills and ways of behaving and be supported without being overprotected. Walton House came to fruition and people making referrals were impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of the home and its staff.

People started moving in. They made sure people were compatible with each other which meant saying ‘no’ to some referrals. Most people came from places where the placement had broken down because of the persons challenging behaviour, autism or unstable mental health. They had been labelled and had negative experiences of being excluded. Walton House was able to provide a stable, homely and safe environment in which people knew what to expect and what is expected of them.

They recruited a team of staff that all have the same vision that they had at the start and whom they knew would maintain the ethos of a therapeutic environment in an ordinary setting that encourages and supports people to be included in their community.

Our Director and her mother believe now that they have achieved this and they are proud that all four of the homes that the companies run are consistently recognised as examples of how an excellent service should be.






‘Empowering people with learning disabilities and autism to live their best life’



We believe that the people we support should be given the opportunities to live their best life by celebrating their achievements and successes.

We offer them the respect, support and power to make their own choices whilst giving them the individual support they need.

We will continue to develop services that are of high quality and that meets the unique needs of the individuals who choose to use them.

By being accepting and showing respect to people’s differences, their beliefs and rights, we believe that they then feel supported and included in everything they do.

Our staff:

We aspire to be the employer of choice.

We believe that our staff are one of our greatest assets who with passion go that extra mile to deliver a warm, supportive and friendly environment for the people that we provide a service to.

We always encourage teamwork, reliability, equality and skills development.

We provide a working environment where everyone’s voice is heard.


We are proud of the services we offer and the support we provide, and our vision guides us in everything we do.

Fountain and Loving Care Ltd strive to deliver a person-centred high-quality service to all the people we support.

‘We work together to bring a little joy to everyday life experiences.’